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Take a look at what everyone says about our desserts

So, what do the people say?

I recently happened upon your sea salt caramel mousse dessert cups in Costco. I am in charge of finding extra desserts for my son's wedding on September 12th of this year. My sisters and our husbands test tasted your product and were sold. I live in Conyers, Ga. I would love to try the chocolate and lemon, also. They would make a beautiful presentation at any wedding or party! THANK YOU!
Hi, my name is Carl. we have just eaten a sea salt caramel belgian chocolate ganache and tasted the lemon pot. Wow they are so good. In there lay our issue! We are getting married on NYE 31/12/15 and would love to have the chocolate and lemon dessert pots to finish our meal. We are really worried by our wedding date 6 months from now they may not stock them still? Can you advise please! P's what a great quality value for money dessert.
Your delicious chick chocolate mousse.

I bought your six pack of chocolate mousse at Costco in Honolulu, Hawaii in the USA. I am a professional cook, now retired, and I am so pleased to have tasted your delicious chocolate mousse. I sincerely hope that Costco continues to sell your excellent products. I will also email Costco. I believe if Costco did a sample tasting of your product, it would increase sales.
Just wanted to write you and let you know I bought and ate your Coconut Mousse. I purchased it from Costco in New Jersey. Wow, it is amazing! Love, love, love it and hope it stays on the shelves there. I've never seen it before & just noticed it yesterday in the cheese aisle.

Couple comments. I think it should be in a better location there. Possibly on an end cap area so it's more noticeable, however, I know that space is probably for their products.

I can't wait to eat another one. Both my husband and I were very happy!
Just wanted to let you know that I tried your dessert from a local Costco in my area, and that this has been the best dessert I've ever tried, ever! I don't often have desserts, but when I do, I like Italian desserts, Peruvian, and other countries from English tea time desserts fruit mousse to flan to tiramisu, etc. I've traveled just about everywhere, and have never had such a rich and sweet/salty combination of perfect.

I know that you can't release your recipes, but I'd love to try to make my own mousse and ganache if you can at least share that, I'd appreciate it very much. I'll definitely be purchasing your product again, and I've been to Brussels in the past and never come across it even though I went to a well known chocolatier and even the factory where they make chocolate. I just wanted to take the time to thank you for creating and sharing such a wonderful dessert!!

I'm also glad that they are small portions, just the right amount. Otherwise, I wouldn't be fit.
Best dessert ever, where can I get more?

I bought your Sea Salt Caramel at Costco. Gave it to friends, went back to purchase more, but it was all gone. Where can this be purchased or ordered? I wanted my elderly mother in Portland, OR to sample it, but don't know if that Costco carries it. They told me that Hawaii had plenty. Fine, if I were going to fly over there!
Amazing desserts. Thank you, just experienced your dessert, sea salt caramel, wow, amazing, picked them up in Costco. Now addicted, keep up the sweet work.
Many thanks

We recently had the pleasure of trying these from Costco. We love it soo much and I can't find a recipe. Do you offer these in bulk? I'd like this in place of cake for our wedding.

I wanted to show you what we did.

We have a home in Maui Hawaii and a home in Savannah Georgia. So earlier this month we were in Hawaii and I found your Delici desserts. Every night I had one for dessert. Then I brought a pack home to Georgia with us. Then we of course we went to a costco in Florida which they didn't have them. Called other Costco's around our location which all are hours away. Not one of them had any. So I asked one of our employees in Hawaii if he'd buy some and send them. He sent them overnight and we got them yesterday. We loved his packaging :) [photo of a huge crate of delici desserts] We have just enough to tide us over until we get back to Hawaii.

I'd love to promote your brand. Do you have a web page that I could post on Facebook?

Even though I share half of this story with you already I'd figured I'd give you an update with pictures.

Thank you for your time.
My Mom makes the most amazing chocolate mousse in the world!!. I have tried every mousse known to mankind and never found one that has even come close! Last week, I tried your dark chocolate mousse and it's almost just like my Mom's!!!!
It's soooooo amazing!! Now, my dilemma is that I promised to bring some for my Dad's birthday this coming Friday thinking I could purchase it at Costco. Sadly, my trip to Costco was very disappointing as they were out of it!!

That said, is there ANY way I could purchase 2 six packs of your dark chocolate mousse and have it shipped to NJ by Friday?? You don't know how much joy this would bring to my family on Dad's birthday!!

Yours truly,
Mousse-less in New Jersey
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