What makes us so sweet...

Have you ever wanted just a few bites of a scrumptious dessert? Do you sometimes order one big-size dessert with several forks and spoons for everyone to share?

DELICI offers you the perfect solution.

Bite-size desserts are the latest evidence of a trend towards downsized portions to meet demand of nutritionally savvy, calorie-conscious consumers. With portion control becoming more prevalent in our health-and weight-conscious society, our desserts are right in line with what people desire. The trend becomes trendier each year and is also called café gourmand. Lastly, to add to the fun, we felt a transparent glass or plastic cup would only make the inside product more appealing.

Our desserts are perfect for everyone. They are the ideal sweet treats for people who always ask for ‘just a teeny tiny slice’ as well as for partygoers who want to splurge on two or even three different bite-size delights. In a nutshell, they are a beautiful blend of ease, decadence and portion control. Indulge in one of the hottest food trends around and take these decadent desserts home. Just remember to savor every bite!


We're always developing the next big thing

We make sure to stay ahead of the game and consistantly deliver out-of-the-box desserts.

We develop not only for but also together with our customers. Our renowned R&D chef dreams up new tailor-made desserts to fit in any environment, whether it is retail, foodservice or B2B.

A very close collaboration with DELICI’s entire team, ranging from production personnel to quality, marketing and sales is primordial before we take anything new to market.
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